Allied Glass (Etude de cas)


Allied Glass Containers, the UK based manufacturer of premium glass packaging, has installed a new bottle conveyor system supplied by MSK, the cold-end specialist, at its Knottingley facility. Highly automated and with integrated control, the conveyor system expertly handles a recent increase in production capacity at the plant and contributes to the reliability and safety of Allied’s modern cold-end.

Working in partnership with the Engineering team at Allied Glass, the challenge for MSK was to install a fully automatic conveying system within a confined space, which would securely handle intricately shaped premium bottles from the lehr end to the shrink packaging machine, while providing the most possible space for the operator.

The entire cold-end line from the lehr, bottle conveyor, palletizer, shrink wrapper and pallet conveyor were all supplied by MSK and are operated by the software system MSK EMSY. This is advantageous because all the data is transferred in a single consistent structure, which makes analysis of the overall efficiency of the cold end possible. “Additionally, the visualisation software considerably simplifies the operation of the whole system and therefore prevents unnecessary interruptions. If required, the system can be monitored via the internet off site", Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales and Marketing Manager at MSK explains... > Vers l’étude de cas

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